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Is CDR Law the right law firm for you?

Mar 4

CDR Law offers legal representation to clients in Johnson City, TN and Elizabethton. They provide counsel that focuses in criminal defense as well as personal injury and family. We offer a wide range of services to suit the needs and preferences of our clients.

Our Johnson City lawyers are proud to offer legal professionals with years of combined experience. This allows us to handle many legal issues. Our team serves clients all over East Tennessee, including Elizabethton Bristol Kingsport, Bristol, and the TN Johnson City. Our clients should feel relaxed working with us. We take client satisfaction very seriously. We treat each client with respect and give personalized attention throughout the entire legal process. CDR attorneys Johnson City TN will help you, no matter if you need an initial consultation or representation following a serious accusation.

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Criminal Defense Representation

Our Johnson City criminal lawyers are familiar with the most complex criminal cases in the region. Our team represents defendants in criminal cases against allegations of assault, robbery, among other crimes.

An accused or suspected criminal can be arrested and taken into jail. If the person isn't released on bail, for any reason whatsoever, they will be kept at a detention centre until their court date. Our representatives are now able to defend our clients innocence by providing evidence which leads to the dropping or reduction of charges.

We concentrate on the defense of people accused of crimes. Our clients are protected by us investigating the crime and creating a case based upon innocent until proven guilt. We take this seriously to ensure that our clients receive the best defense. Our team will investigate all aspects of the case and gather evidence to prove innocence or minimal involvement. Our team will prepare a declaration for our clients that they can use in court and before any other formal hearings. This is often done after we gather all information concerning the criminal case.

Personal Injury Representation

Many lawyers who practice in Johnson City, TN can handle personal injury cases. However, CDR Law firm does more to help clients reach a favorable result. Injuries can make your life difficult. It can be difficult to cope with the hardships of being injured, whether it is missing work days or mounting medical bills. We know how difficult it can feel to live this way. Our firm is committed to helping clients get just compensation that will allow them recover and move on with their lives.

CDR Law Firm is committed to helping clients involved in accidents get maximum compensation. That's why we offer personal injuries specialization to help our clients receive just compensation. The attorneys who work on these types cases consider all options to help clients move forward. CDR Law Johnson City personal injuries lawyer is dedicated to representing clients in the local area. Referrals can come from other law firms or individuals who have received assistance following an injury.

Family Law Representation

Family lawyers typically represent divorced couples and other individuals in child custody or visitation disputes. The goal is for both parents to work together and jointly raise their children. A general-practice lawyer may be skilled at what they do, but a family lawyer has greater education and more experience in this area of law. They must pass their bar exam in order to be allowed to practice law in their state. Once they have passed the bar exam they can be certified, provided they meet certain requirements. The American Bar Association has certified our family law team as having met all requirements, including education and experience.

If you decide to represent yourself or your spouse in a divorce case, you might lose the financial rights you had if a professional represented. Your right to financial support may be lost if your spouse agrees not to pay child care or an educational plan. This is only one possible problem if you choose not to hire a lawyer. If you aren't sure whether family law is something you should be doing on your terms, you might consider hiring an expert from the team.