Belgium court: King Albert II must take paternity test, or pay $5K a day

May 16 (UPI) — A Belgium court ruled Thursday that former King Albert II must pay more than $ 5,500 every day until he agrees to submit to a paternity test, to see if he’s the father of a well-known Belgian artist.

The court of appeals in Brussels issued the decision Thursday, which upheld a ruling last year that ordered the former monarch comply with DNA testing. At issue is whether he’s the biological father of Belgian artist and noblewoman Delphine Boel.

Boel, 51, has been trying to prove paternity since 2013 when it was discovered her father figure, Jacques Boel, was not biologically connected to her.

The court ruled if the former king doesn’t take the test within three months, he will legally be declared Boel’s biological daughter.

Boel was born in 1968 to Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps and her husband Jacques. Longchamps, however, was having an affair at the time with Albert II — who was present in her life until he reconciled with Queen Paola. Since then, he’s not been present in Boel’s life.

Boel has tried to get the former king and his children, King Philippe and Princess Astrid of Belgium, to take DNA tests but they’ve refused. When Albert left the throne six years ago, she pursued the matter in court. She’s denied the move is motivated by money.

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