North Korea's dictator comes in from the cold

Off a plane, out of the cold, and into sauna-like temperatures.

Kim Jong Un got here first and was almost immediately banking some significant diplomatic gains.

A dictator who until March had not even visited his closest neighbour and ally China, now being treated not as an international pariah but a global statesman on the same level as the US president.

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North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is welcomed by Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong 1:00
Video: Handshakes and smiles ahead of summit

Everything about this summit is extraordinary.

The sight of Kim Jong Un’s motorcade swinging through downtown Singapore unprecedented and historic.

The pictures of Mr Kim sashaying into the office of the Singaporean prime minister, accompanied by aides in the same trademark oversized military hats.

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Kim Jong Un 2:16
Video: What does Kim Jong Un actually want?

Kim feted as a world leader, exactly as he wants.

More unsettling for him is the news from Air Force One.

Donald Trump’s behaviour en route has been truly extraordinary, alienating, infuriating and insulting his closest allies and effectively scratching out his signature from the final G7 communique.

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If he treats friends like that, Mr Kim may wonder what he might have in store for age old enemies like himself.

Except that Trump seems to prefer the company of dictators and strongmen and wants this summit to be a success as much as Kim.

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