Report: U.N. Command disapproves inter-Korean railway inspection

SEOUL, Aug. 31 (UPI) — The United Nations Command didn’t approve a joint railway inspection by North and South Korea, South Korean media reported Thursday.

The U.N. Command in South Korea didn’t allow the South Korean government’s request to test run a train between the South and North, as part of the inter-Korean railway project, Hankyoreh reported, citing government officials.

The disapproval by the U.N. Command, led by the commander of U.S. Forces in South Korea, comes amid stalled nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea and growing doubts after a canceled trip by U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang last week.

The North and South planned to test operate a train between Seoul and the northern city of Sinuiju to inspect conditions of the North’s rail infrastructures and sought approval of the U.N. Command.

The U.N. Command in South Korea holds the authority for transportation of resources between North and South Korea, as stated in the truce agreement.

It didn’t approve the plan, citing that the South Korean government made a late notification to them after an agreed deadline, according to the report.

The North and South have agreed to restore and modernize disjointed railways in the April summit between their leaders.

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