Sudan military leaders say they beat back coup attempt

July 12 (UPI) — One week after reaching a deal to share power with civilians, Sudan’s ruling military council said it’s foiled an attempted coup and arrested 16 officers.

Sudan’s ruling military council said the coup attempt Thursday was led by army and intelligence officers, some of whom are retired.

The news was announced as military and civilian leaders met at a Khartoum hotel to discuss details of last week’s power-sharing agreement. No details, including suspected plotters, were given about the overthrow attempt.

“This is an attempt to block the agreement which has been reached by the Transitional Military Council and the Alliance for Freedom and Change,” Sudanese Gen. Jamal Omar said on state television.

Sudan’s ruling military council, which took power after Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule ended in April, will present next week a draft document on the establishment of an interim government comprised of civilian and military leaders. The agreement says the military will remain in power for the first 21 months of transition. Elections and a leadership council will follow.

The power void created by al-Bashir’s departure has left Sudan in deadlock for months, and Omar said threatening incidents compromise national stability. More than 100 people died when the military squashed protests before the pact, opposition officials said last month.

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