Watch: Hunters shocked by size of 12-foot gator

Sept. 5 (UPI) — A pair of Florida alligator hunters said it took them more than four hours to chase down a massive 12-foot gator that weighed in at 750 pounds.

Brandon Barfield and Brandon Cutchins said they were hunting gators in Bay County when spotted the big reptile and the chase began.

“When it came upside the boat, we realized we needed a bigger boat,” Cutchins told CBS Miami.

The men said they chased the alligator for over four hours and it was another 30 minutes of wrangling before they were able to reel the gator in close enough to go for the kill.

“We really thought it was going to be like a nine footer, and that was going to be like our max, and when we got it up to the boat, we were kind of astonished about what it really was like,” Barfield said.

The men said it was their first alligator kill.

“We’re going to eat the meat and probably get some things made out of the hide and mount the head,” Cutchins said.

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