Watch: Hurricane Michael brings crawfish to family's yard

Oct. 12 (UPI) — A South Carolina family is dealing with an unusual side-effect of Hurricane Michael’s recent visit — a crawfish infestation.

Peggy Breeland posted videos and photos to Facebook showing the dozens of crawfish she and her family found around the yard of their Lake Murray-area home after Hurricane Michael brought rains and heavy winds to the area Thursday morning.

Breeland said her husband first noticed the crawfish when he took their dog for a walk around 6 a.m. Thursday, and a few hours later they noticed the population had spiked.

“Oh my gosh, they were everywhere,” Breeland told The State. “They were in the side yard, the front yard, the back yard. I was totally shocked.”

She said crawfish are known to live in Lake Murray, but she and her neighbors had rarely spotted any of the crustaceans before Thursday.

Breeland said many of the crawfish made their way back toward the lake once the sun came out, but she discovered a group of them had taken shelter in her garage.

She said walking around Thursday evening she spotted many crawfish nests in her neighbors’ yards.

“We joked about cooking them. I’m a big seafood eater, but I never took to the taste of crawfish,” Breeland said. “After the next storm we have, maybe we’ll give it a try … But they’re not hurting us, so we’re trying to leave them be.”

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