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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in a Coworking Space

Jan 12

It is possible that you have worked in one, that a colleague has an office there or that you have talked about them. Coworkings are collaborative spaces in which different professionals converge in the exercise of their professions, conditioned for this and with the aim of creating synergy between those who choose it as a work space.

Coworkings have enjoyed a very good reputation over the last few years, largely thanks to the conditions it offers for self-employed professionals, small and medium-sized companies in any field, which when starting to operate need an adequate space that does not involve a significant budget expenditure. If you are thinking of starting a business or if you have already taken solid steps in consolidating your company (such as opting for self-employed and SME insurance), it is a good idea to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of coworking as an operations and networking center.

Advantages of coworking

Some of the economic and strategic advantages that we obtain when choosing a coworking as a workspace are the following:

Competitive rental price

Among the options offered by the market, it is possible to find a work space from 100 euros per month, with higher prices that vary according to the conditions of the place, its location, the number of spaces that your company is going to occupy. On the other hand, if we compare it with renting your own office, it is clear that it is not so bureaucratically complicated, nor does it require as many legal requirements, which means saving time and the possibility of starting work immediately.

Flexibility of uses of common space

Coworking spaces in Yerevan and around the world are designed so that those who work there are as productive as possible, many of them allowing their coworkers to enter 24 hours a day. They also make available the use of common spaces for company events, meetings with external clients or team building activities, to name a few.

Networking possibilities

The shared use of coworkings also has an important objective: to create a synergy between all the professionals that converge there and stimulate new professional connections from there. The space manager will be in charge of planning activities or actions that lead to professional collaboration between coworkers, which will allow you and your team to work surrounded by professionals who help you grow.

Disadvantages of coworking

Before making a decision, it is also convenient to evaluate the disadvantages that this way of working may entail:


What at first may seem positive (being surrounded by other active professionals) can be a problem for those who need maximum concentration in the development of their work. Excessive noise or meal times can be annoying and cause distractions, not to mention that the greater the number of people, the greater the number of stimuli there will be.

Less privacy

It is possible that a space shared with so many people also implies sacrificing the privacy necessary to handle important calls, close deals or attract clients.