3. Indian Conclave of Legal guidelines

3rd Indian Law Conclave is a two-day national conclave organized online by the Adhrit Foundation – a member organization of the Alexis Group – from October 31 to November 1, 2020.

The conclave will have delegates from all over India who will conduct rigorous learning, reflection and sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences and perspectives over two days. In addition, the delegates will be offered attractive awards, prizes and networking opportunities.

The main focus of the conclave would be:
● Law and industrial revolution 4.0
● All India Bar Council – Evolving Role in Contemporary Scenario
● Citizenship Change Act, 2019
● New trends in the real estate sector
● Labor rights, namely easy business dealings
● Legal framework for cybercrime in India and beyond
● The neutrality of the judiciary in the face of a strong political executive
● Post-Covid 19 – A New World Order?

Events such as keynote presentations, town hall meetings, panel discussions and group discussions, as well as paper presentation competitions take place in the conclave. Further information or registration can be found at www.indianlawconclave.com

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