Cuomo too little detail, savvy for Mobile NY sports betting proposal

Negotiations on cell phone NEW Sports betting goes further Governor Andrew Cuomo surely it sounded like the problem was resolved.

Cuomo told reporters there was a “conceptual agreement on all things” in the state $ 200 billion Budget. That apparently includes legalizing mobile sports betting in New York as part of his plan:

“There are two ways to do this. You can give casinos the right to conduct mobile sports betting. They are taking the casinos in the state and licensing them to operate mobile sports betting. Then they run them and make the profits. You would pay taxes to the state, but the casinos make the profits.

“The second way to do this is by the way we run the state lottery. We will conclude a direct contract with the mobile sports provider FanDuel, DraftKings. We’ll get a deal with them and make the money. We don’t need the casinos as a middleman. This is the first point of contention: should you let the casinos make the money or should the state make the money directly? My position is that the state should make the money directly and then let the state decide what to do with it. “

It’s worth noting that Cuomo said salesman, not salesman, despite being Director of the Budget Rob Mujica later said entities. Some legislators including Rep. Gary Pretlow fear the governor’s approach to sports betting would leave the state with just one mobile sports betting.

Because of this, Pretlow wants a mandatory review if Cuomo’s model succeeds but fails to deliver the returns his office predicts.

Mujica: Do you want Oneidas on mobile sports betting in New York?

Cuomo and Mujica didn’t sound alarmed by reports that the state could lose tens of millions of dollars annually Oneida Indians if Cuomo’s sports betting plan is successful.

The Oneida have gaming exclusivity in 10 Counties after an agreement with the state in 2013. According to reports, betting in these countries would violate this agreement if the Oneida were not involved in sports betting.

Cuomo responded sarcastically when asked about the problem:

“Is that what lawmakers said I want to cost Oneida County $ 20 million a year? Boy, how random and capricious must that be of me [chuckles]. How unreasonable, that governor. “

Mujica then added that the premise of the question was factually incorrect.

“We want all counties to take part, we want the Oneidas to take part,” said Mujica. “We want to comply with all the terms of existing contracts and are actively working to develop laws that reflect all of these principles.”

Where a bet in New York is crucial

Mujica later added that the question of where a bet will be placed is not as straightforward as he and Cuomo would like:

“As the governor has described, the question is whether there is a wager and physically whether the person happens to be in a part of the state where that wager actually takes place. And those are legal issues.

“We think that at the end of the day we want to reach an agreement that respects the views of the Oneidas as well as all counties and ensures that the revenues are both returned to the state and shared in different ways.”

The other question of where to place a bet in New York, of course, is that the casinos are licensed for sports betting under the state constitution. Cuomo repeatedly said he believed betting outside of the casino would require a constitutional change. Unless Cuomo’s office is considering a change, it is likely working with the idea that bets will be placed at the server’s location, which could be in a casino.

That means the state needs at least one more casino than it currently admits.

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