How to Get Reviews on Amazon In 2021

With the increase in digital buyers, the world has seen a major shift from in-store to online shopping. Furthermore, the E-commerce industry has opened new doors of opportunities for businesses. And that’s where Amazon comes in.

Amazon is a huge marketplace with millions of sellers. It is helping e-commerce businesses to grow and drive profit and success. However, many of you may be struggling to be successful on Amazon.

There are many proven strategies out there that can help you in growing your business on Amazon. Where getting “Reviews’  is one of them.

Product Reviews are like social proofs. They can attract your prospective customer and make your products more visible. In the first place, they tell you that your brand is trustworthy and it’s worth buying from you. It has been estimated that 56% consumers are likely to see reviews before buying any product.

If you are also searching “How to Get Reviews on Amazon”, then this article got you covered. Here we’ll discuss the effective and useful techniques to get product reviews on Amazon. Using these techniques and strategies, you can drive huge sales towards your Amazon. Ultimately, it improves the ranking and visibility of your products.

Let’s start; 


 Use Product Inserts 

Product inserts are effective and have potential to drive reviews on Amazon. However, you might be wondering what eHowever, you might be wondering what exactly are they? These are basically the marketing material that a seller can use in packaging before sending to customers. Each package can be used to drive reviews.
However, Amazon has some limitations where you can not directly ask reviews from your customers. So, how to get Amazon reviews using product insert? In the first place, pay them gratitude for choosing you. And then let them know how much their reviews are valuable for your business. Make sure to have a sleek design of your product insert that can attract your customer. Consider adding QR code directly that can redirect customers to your review page. 

 Provide great experience to your customers 

For Amazon, user experience matters the most. Not to mention, now you can assume the significance of delivering quality user experience to shoppers on Amazon. Having the right product is a key factor in it.

Always provide the right information and details about your products. Furthermore, be sure about what you are selling. A bad shopping experience will lead to negative reviews on your page. Whereas, a great customer experience will surely drive more positive Amazon reviews to your store. 

 Create your mailing list 

Building an email list is the best way to get reviews on Amazon. It is a great technique to kick start your email marketing campaign in getting Amazon reviews. Creating a mailing list of your potential and previous buyers is a cheap way to get reviews on Amazon. Moreover, by sending them personalised emails, you can directly ask them for the reviews on Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t give you access to the information of customers. To create a mailing list, you can host live contests, offer discounts & eBooks, and also add emails on your product insert. Likewise, the Facebook & Google advertising funnels are also an effective way to create email lists. 

 Utilize Request a Review Button

On your seller account’s order detail page, Amazon has introduced the “ Request a Review” button. It is an easy way to ask for reviews from your customers. The button generates a feedback request that can help you in getting reviews on Amazon. 


However, it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the powerful tools to get an amazon fba review. It allows sellers to send review requests within 4 to 30 days when a shopper makes a specific purchase. The best part – Amazon sends this request on its behalf and if the customer understands some other language it will automatically translate.

Use Social Media and Amazon PPC 


Another effective technique in getting Amazon reviews is social media and Amazon PPC campaigns. By running your advertising campaigns, you can give a push to your sales that can drive some reviews as well. 


Additionally, Social media is an easy way to get customer’s feedback. Moreover, through retargeting campaigns, you can reach your targeted customers based on different interests. You can also drive huge sales and product reviews on Amazon. 

However, running PPC campaigns can be challenging and you may need an Amazon ppc management company. They can help you to boost your Amazon account revenue and drive traffic to your store. 


 Utilize  Amazon Vine Program 


Vine Program is a specifically designed Amazon product review program by Amazon. It has a group of trusted reviewers whom Amazon trusts that they will provide trustworthy reviews. Moreover, it is an effective way of getting reviews on Amazon.

To get Amazon reviews on products, you need to submit your products on the vine program. You can submit 10 to 100 units per ASIN free of cost. However, you need to submit a specific fee to submit products with more than 100 units.


 Amazon Early Reviewer Program

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program is also the best way to get Amazon reviews. This specific program encourages buyers to leave a review after making a specific purchase. In return, the customers/shoppers will get gift vouchers or some other incentives.

It is a win-win strategy in which both buyer and seller will get the benefit. Moreover, Amazon invites only those customers who have bought from your Amazon store. It can save customers from the struggle to get Amazon FBA reviews on the early products. 


 Offer Discounts & Giveaways

Who doesn’t love to have discounts on their favorite product?  It is another useful strategy of getting Amazon reviews. You can offer discounts and giveaways on products to get reviews. However, you can’t ask customers directly to leave a review. Start specific discount codes as a part of your marketing campaign.

Offering discounts & giveaways will also increase sales and chances of getting reviews on Amazon.


The success of your Amazon store somehow depends on the reviews you get from your customers. They can give a boom to your store, sales, and eventually to your revenue. In this article, we have mentioned the proven strategies and techniques that can help you to get Amazon reviews.
Moreover, many people look for ways to buy Amazon reviews. But, it’s better to use the right strategies that can help you to get reviews legally.

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