PIL filed with Delhi HC to set up a regulator for non-film songs and music videos

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) litigation has been filed in the Delhi Supreme Court seeking instructions for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to set up a regulator in the form of a censorship agency to review the content of non-censorship to form -movie songs and music videos.

The petition also asked for instructions to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to regulate the content of such songs and videos by reviewing them on various Internet platforms before they are published.

At the moment attorney Pishu Singh filed PIL, the petitioner states through this petition that many of the non-movie songs and music videos contain degrading language, inappropriate portrayal of women, and are prone to alcohol and consumption Promote drugs.

The petitioner stated that the target audience of such content includes children and young people who are vulnerable enough to be influenced by such songs and videos and indulge in unlawful activities.

The petitioner brought with him the provisions of the Cinematograph Act 1952, which restrict the application of the provisions to the content of films and songs. Because of this, non-movie songs and music videos escape screening and penalties.

The petitioner stressed the fact that there is no authority similar to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for such songs and videos, which are created by individual artists and published directly on internet platforms, and this is an immediate requirement for this .

The petitioner closed the petition by stating that the texts, videos, themes, etc. of such non-film songs and music videos tend to encourage young people to engage in wrong activities and to deviate from those in their tender learning age.

The petitioner therefore prayed in the High Court for a regulator to be set up to review and restrict the illegal content represented by such songs and videos.

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