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Reveal NEMT transportation management software

Mar 22

Soon, transit agencies all over the nation will have a uniquely innovative solution that allows their staff to be as productive as possible while at work. This is through Reveal’s new web-based routing, scheduling and dispatching (RSD) platform. While most other RSD solutions are desktop-based and hosted on-site—requiring transit agency staff to be in the office to access the system — the new Reveal NEMT dispatch software platform offers a cloud-based system. This approach allows dispatchers, schedulers, and other team members to access RSD modules outside of the office from anywhere, at any time, and on any device through a web browser.

Targeted for completion and official launch in late December 2020, the white label platform can be completely branded and customized to each transit agency’s specifications. Reveal, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTM, Inc., one of the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokers, recently developed a similar platform called MTM Link for MTM. MTM utilizes MTM Link to manage its transportation management software operations. Successfully launched in five states throughout the month of September, MTM Link offers web-based portals for passengers, subcontracted transportation providers, and medical facility partners, giving each stakeholder group the ability to manage their relationship with MTM. The new Reveal software system utilizes a similar platform, assimilating the technology to meet the needs of transit agencies and their passengers.

Using Reveal, on-site and cloud-based tools and process that can make it easier for road supervisors to complete their roles. Depending on the needs of each employer, telecommuting may or may not be feasible or necessary. In a modern business environment, workers must be able to work from anywhere and still take full advantage of their employers’ offerings and policies.

“COVID-19 has had a long-lasting impact on transit systems as they face decreased ridership and budgets,” said Alaina Macia, President and CEO at MTM and Reveal. “While office workers at thousands of companies have had the opportunity to work from home during the pandemic, our essential transit workers haven’t. But now, those staff who work in the office can work efficiently from any remote location. As an added bonus, with Reveal’s new cloud-based functionality, agencies no longer have to worry about the headaches that come with managing on-site technology, like installing manual upgrades and maintaining hardware. Our intuitive solution frees up your resources while enabling flexibility and efficiency for your staff and passengers alike.”