Senator Says Sports Betting in Arizona could get the green light next week

An unexpected vote to get moving Arizona The legislation for sports betting is established Monday.

For more than a month, AZ sports betting legislation sat idle senate. Now the bills that legalize everyday fantasy sports and sports betting in Arizona are getting their chance.

Senators are likely to vote on the legislation on Monday. Sen. TJ Shope thinks he has two-thirds agree to either approve HB 2772 or his SB 1797, although it appears SB 1797 was withdrawn from the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday.

“It would enable the governor to sign immediately, maybe on Tuesday,” Shope told LSR on Thursday. “You’d have to get approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, but that’s almost a formality.”

AZ Sportsbook receive the hockey support

Shope tweeted this former Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan helped move the needle:

I want to thank “Captain Coyote” Shane Doan for stopping by the Senate yesterday to help me push SB1797 / HB2772 (Fantasy Sports Betting; Event Betting) on ​​an up or down vote! Stay tuned because there’s big news on this front!

– TJ Shope (@TJShopeforAZ) April 8, 2021

Arizona Sports Betting Senate Logjam

The House voted for HB 2772, 48-12, on 4th of March. That was after Senate Budget Committee had merged the sister bill sponsored by Shope with a more split historical bill for horse racing.

Some believe that the Senate’s amalgamation of the Sports Betting Act and an HHR bill would violate the previous 2002 gaming agreement with Tribes. The potential aspect of the “poison pill” in the HRR bill considered it unlikely.

Shope said the jam was cleared on Wednesday after working with the appropriations chair It is. David Gowan to brush the HHR bill.

“He’s been trying to do some good things to help the riders and the circuits,” said Shope. “He’s trying to make sure there’s a source of income that Arizona can leverage. I respected that.

“We were able to break that. HHR is not part of it, but there are some funds that are part of it that go to this industry. “

Now the Senate can either pass the House Constitution or pass an amendment to make the Senate bill level. Jeff Weninger MP promoted legislation in the house and was a supporter of the voice throughout his trip.

The governor’s support is there

AZ sports betting legislation would help enact a new gaming pact between Gov. Doug Ducey and the game tribes of the state.

During previous House Committee hearings, tribal leaders spoke on behalf of the legislature.

In the bill, 10 Sports betting licenses are tied to professional sports teams. Another 10 would go to the gaming tribes of the state.

How it would help condense

According to Ducey’s General Counsel Care yearsthe new contract would:

  • Modernize the compact one
  • Keep the current gaming culture
  • increase sales

While his State of state Address in JanuaryDucey said he wanted legalized sports betting in AZ.

Opposing votes are expected, Shope said, particularly from a bloc of lawmakers who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also expects at least one Democratic senator to vote no.

Sports betting are a key piece of the compact

With one of the goals of the new pact to increase revenue, lobbyists have exhausted the potential of an estimate $ 42 million in annual taxes.

Compass strategies Executive Partner Kelsey Lundy the House Commerce Committee said on 9th March an esteemed $ 3 billion a year is illegally wagered in Arizona.

Arizona would raise one 8th% Tax on fantasy sports revenue, with licensees paying a fee determined by the Arizona Department of Gaming.

The state would charge a minimum of 8th% on sports betting. The statutory tax return contains an estimate $ 154.4 million in taxable operator income when the market matures what to $ 12.3 million in taxes. The annual fee income is estimated $ 4.1 million.

Sports betting support for the bill

Lundy spoke to the committee on behalf of BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel. She also stressed that Arizona is one of six states with no legalized fantasy sport.

Representatives of coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, PGA tour and Phoenix Raceway All supported the bill in various committees.

Some opponents worry about data security, while others believe that restaurants, bars, and other retailers will miss out on their revenue if not involved.

“It’s one of those things where everyone is happy in many ways and not in any other way,” said Shope. “But at the end of the day, it helps Arizona.”

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