The Supreme Court issued a notice in a PIL seeking the establishment of a Transgender Welfare Board and a committee to investigate Ross abuse against transgender people.

A recent PIL filed with the Supreme Court sought the establishment of the Transgender Welfare Board to address social welfare issues of a trans person and to appoint a standing committee to investigate reports of police abuse of transgender people. The pleas alleged that transsexuals suffer and face many problems in terms of housing, health, education and employment, and that this deprives them of social and cultural participation.

The discrimination they suffered resulted from the social stigma and isolation that they suffered from the lack of resources made available for transgender people. The transgender community faces stigma and discrimination and therefore has fewer opportunities compared to others. They also stated that living free of fear of discrimination and violence, and being supported and validated for who they are, is crucial for transgender people to love healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives.

The pleas also alleged that the Indian Parliament passed a law to protect transgender rights in 2019, but that the new law was inadequate in several ways. Trans activists and allied human rights have criticized the various trans law laws since the first law was introduced in 2016. In the end, lawmakers failed to take into account the concerns raised by the activists. As a result, India’s new law will violate the rights of trans people instead of respecting and uplifting long-persecuted communities.

For all of the above reasons, the PIL calls for the establishment of the Transgender Welfare Committee to understand and address transgender welfare issues and the appointment of the Standing Committee made up of Station House officials and human and social rights activists Immediately investigate reports of gross human abuse against trans people. To this end, the Supreme Court has issued a notice.

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