Woman accuses Desuahn Watson of sexual assault and brings the total number of lawsuits to 22

The anonymous plaintiff claims the Houston Texans quarterback “exposed himself” and tried to harass her during a professional massage.

Another woman has filed a lawsuit against Deshaun Watson, accusing the Houston Texans quarterback of sexual assault.

Watson is currently facing at least 22 lawsuits from women, including the plaintiff, who allege she sexually assaulted, molested, or otherwise molested her.

The anonymous woman, USA Today says, is described as a licensed esthetician in her court case. Watson reportedly contacted her on Instagram to set up a massage. Before the session began, Watson asked the woman to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

But shortly after Watson arrived, he “exposed” himself and tried to touch the woman with his genitals. During the massage, Watson continued to make sexually charged comments.

However, Jane Doe’s plaintiff was quick to blame Watson, telling him his conduct was unprofessional and ended the session.

According to ESPN, the lawsuit states that Watson appears to have a habit of soliciting massages through unusual channels.

Watson in 2016. Image via Wikimedia Commons, from YouTube. Uploader: Atlanta Falcons. Uploaded to YouTube, marked with a CC license (CCA-bY-3.0).

“Based on publicly available information in a short period of time […] Watson used more than fifty different women for massages, ”the lawsuit states. “Watson picked all of these women through social media, mostly Instagram and SnapChat [sic]. ”

The lawsuit, USA Today said, was announced less than an hour after the Houston Police Department announced it had opened a criminal investigation into another sexual assault complaint.

“As with any allegation, the Houston Police Department is currently investigating and will not provide any further comments during the investigation process,” the department said in a statement.

Tony Buzbee, attorney and former Houston mayoral candidate, represents Doe alongside the other 21 women. Buzbee said that “more criminal charges will follow, as noted, in Houston and other jurisdictions as well as other agencies.”

The family of Bob McNair, the owners of the Houston Texans, also issued a letter condemning sexual assault and promising to follow up the results of the criminal investigation.

“We want to assure you that we take these allegations very seriously,” wrote McNair.

“As we wait for these investigations to be completed, we express our strong stance against all forms of sexual assault,” the letter said. “Our families and all of Houston Texans and organizations are deeply concerned about all forms of abuse, and we condemn this type of behavior.”

For his part, Watson has continued to deny the mounting allegations against him.

In response to the lawsuits, Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin released a will letter from 18 other women who provided Watson with massages. Everyone said Watson behaved respectfully and professionally.

Hardin also said that he believes “any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false.”


22. Woman files civil lawsuit against Texan QB Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct

Another lawsuit against QB Deshaun Watson of Houston Texans was filed on 22

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